Friday, 23 April 2010

The Material or the Ethereal: Our Human Choice

If the journey of life is like an open road, full of twists, turns and experiences it might be fair to say that each of us are at a fork in the road. One route or direction represents the age we have known, the path we have already trod, a reality that is largely based on a material perception of the universe. We are completing a phase of human evolution where we had to explore the material, something that cut us off from the wider universe.

The other path in the fork represents the new, where each step we take is a new experience that takes us further in to a totally new reality. The new way is one of reconnection with the universe, reconnection with the idea that we are spiritual beings. As we have free will, we have a choice, whether to stick with the old, with what we know as the material reality, or to take a giant leap in consciousness and proceed into the unkown, embracing a golden new age where we rediscover ourselves as spiritual beings.

Our home planet Earth is taking the new route and as such is responding to the new energies and vibrations that are bombarding the solar system. We have to look no further than the recent events in Iceland this week to know this. The Earth is in fact a great Spiritual Being in her own right; One that is going through an enormous transition a wonderful metamorphosis. It is adjusting itself so that it might resonate to the new energies.

Like the Earth, we are also spiritual beings and are also being bombarded with the new energies. Our challenge is to acclimate with them and raise ourselves so that we might also resonate at the new higher impulses that are akin to unconditional love. The Earth is our only home, and we have been evolving with it for more than 260 million years. It is taking the new way as has every other aspect of consciousness, the spiritual hierarchies, the animal, plant and the mineral kingdoms.

I have called this new way the ethereal route, for it involves the realisation that everything is energy, everything is consciousness. We will be reconnecting with our higher selves, the parts of us that exist beyond the physical plane. We will know that we are far more than just flesh and bones, we have in fact several bodies, all of which resonate energetically.

The physical body is the densest because it is comprised of elements. It vibrates at the lowest vibration. There are also the other lower or mortal bodies, the astral, emotional and mental. As we enter this period of change we must work to ensure that the lower bodies remain in balance, for our task is unite these with our light body, part of us that exists at the higher vibrational state of awareness. When we can anchor the light body here on Earth we can bring Heaven to Earth and begin to experience expanded consciousness and universal oneness.

What an adventure! What a wonderous time to be alive, to have the opportunity to bring to birth a higher humanity one that bridges the physical and spiritual realms. A reality where fear is replaced by love, and we all know that we are one, yet individuals within our I Am presence.

The Earth is taking the new way and as it adjusts we can expect a pole shift, earthquakes and volcanic activity because the forces involved are colossal, beyond our comprehension. But As Above so Below and we must also know that the change will run through everything however large (or small) in size manifesting itself from within. What ever happens around us we must remember that this is an inner journey of transition and this is why we have to start by having our lower bodies in balance and actively seek to anchor our light bodies in to the physical. We can start by visualising ourselves as beings of unconditional love, by making every deed we do an act of love. As mother Theresa said; “We might not do great things, but we can do everything with great love”.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Passage to 2012 (Part 2) by Shirley Laflin

We would like to welcome you all again today and to help you to make sense of the many changes which have been occurring both on a conscious and sub conscious level.

These have been difficult times for many of you where chaos follows chaos and seemingly very little is straightforward. However this phase will be ending soon and things will begin to become clearer for some and more straightforward for others.

Whilst this is a time for uprooting replenishing and renewing, it is not a time for making concrete plans or decisions, that will come later. The energies in the present and last few months have been creating ideal conditions for the uplifting of old beliefs and ways of being. This is making way for new and stronger ways of being, ways that will help you to think more clearly about who you are, and to see more clearly to the truth of the matter.

You will find yourselves becoming more laid back about the tasks that you have ahead of you, instead of wondering where the time is coming from to complete them. You will find the feeling of continual imbalance is also beginning to reduce and instead you will have the opportunity of welcoming back the parts of you that felt well and able to operate in any circumstances.

You will also find that it is easier to be and create the kind of person you wish to be as many of the barriers will have been lifted, and you will find the ability to manifest what you wish for is within your grasp.

However the period ahead will be one of change where you will be considering what you wish to retain and what you wish to dispose of. On a practical level those things you have been keeping in your cupboards, or in your garage for the last few years in case you may need them can now be thrown out, or given to others who may benefit from them.

As within so without. Those things which have been causing you irritation internally can also be resolved by holding the intention that you wish to change your attitude towards them, or finding a practitioner to help you release them. Those of you who need help with these issues know who you are. If you don’t have a practitioner in mind then ask for that help to become available to you.

Keep your eyes and ears open in order to receive guidance in whatever form it is presented to you, bizarre or otherwise. It may be a nudge or reminder about something you know you should have done already, a friend or acquaintance who suggests you try a practitioner, or your problem may inexplicably ‘melt’ away of its own volition. Be open to the bizarre also, it’s just our way of communicating with you in order to get your attention.

Whilst we have pointed out to you that the time ahead is one of change, we wish to make it clear there is no pressure upon you to bring about changes in your life. This is purely a pointer to you all that planetary and other conditions are now present in unparalled ways that will both support and help you manifest whatever you need.

The host of heaven are now very close to you all and are really anxious to be of service to you in whatever way that will benefit you most. USE this help now, there are many angels at your beck and call, but just remember you can’t be helped unless you ASK for it.

Ask for whatever you wish, and if it is for your highest good your desires will manifest. If that doesn’t happen then ask for help in finding out what you still have to understand or resolve in your life, and what the most appropriate way of dealing with this issue is.

Some will feel they have done as much changing as they need. This is fine too. However what is really important is that you are all, and that includes your individual skills, talents and interests absolutely critical to the successful progress of our journey to 2012 and beyond.

What happens now will dictate not only your peace of mind, but the speed at which we continue entering into the light and all the ramifications it brings with it. This is an unprecedented time in history, and you have all agreed to take a very important part in bringing yourself and others to the highest possible level of love, peace and harmony.

No holds are barred, no barriers are left, the way is open for you all to achieve your heart’s desires. We are here with wings held high waiting to embrace you at all times, to hold you within the Christ consciousness, and to provide the love you wish and desire. Go with our love and blessings at all times, we are with you.

We are the host of heaven, Melchizadec, Raphael, Urius and Arcturus,
go joyfully on your way.

Channelled through Shirley Laflin